Gravity Gymnastics Presents...

Gymnastics Spectacular Showcase

A fun demonstration show for our Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced recreational gymnasts

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Sunday, December 2nd

Online Registration

Time Sessions:

10:00AM - Beginners
12:00PM - Beginners & Intermediate
2:00PM - Intermediate
4:00PM - Advanced & Plus

Days until the showcase:

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At the Skill Showcase You'll...

Demonstrate your Skills

Show off everything you've been learning in class! There will be event rotations and multiple stations for you to do your thing! Certain groups will be performing routines as well.

Celebrate your Achievements

The show will conclude with an awards ceremony and photo session! All participating gymnasts will receive a gymnastics medal.

Registration Details: $45 Registration.   Registration includes 2 adult spectator tickets. Additional tickets may be purchased at the door.  
Must be signed up before November 10th.

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