Join us for an end of the school year show!

Superhero Showcase

Does your child have what it takes to be a superhero? We think so! Your child is invited to show off their super strength, flexibility, courage, and more at our Superhero Showcase!


3 Days of Action Packed Gymnastics & Ninja
Showcase Location: Gravity

June 9th, 10th, and 11th

Friday, June 9th

Preschool Gymnastics

3:30pm Session 1
Elephant & Zebra students

5:15pm Session 2
Zebra & Lion students

7:00pm Session 3
Lion & Monkey students

Saturday, June 10th

Grade School Gymnastics & Ninja

8:30am Session 1

Beginner Kinder to 2nd (Ages 5 & 6)
Lil Ninjas

10:30am Session 2

Beginner Kinder to 2nd (Age 7)
Beginner 1st - 4th (Ages 6 & 7)
Ninja White (Ages 7 & up)

12:30pm Session 3

Beginner 1st - 4th (Ages 8 & 9)
Beginner 3rd & up
Ninja White (Ages 4 & 6)

3:15pm Session 4

Intermediate K-2
Intermediate 1st - 4th (Age 6)
Ninja Yellow (Ages 4-6)

5:15pm Session 5

Intermediate 1st - 4th (Ages 7 to 9)
Ninja Blue & Purple

Sunday, June 11th

Grade School Gymnastics & Ninja

8:30am Session 1

Intermediate 3rd & Up
Advanced 3rd & Up
Ninja Green

10:30am Session 2

Advanced Plus
Advanced 1st to 4th
Ninja Yellow (Ages 7 & up)

Mission Details:

Showcase Information

The idea behind the show is for our students to share with parents and family what they are learning when they come to Gravity. In every class, your child grows, learns and builds self-esteem & confidence! It is only fair that we celebrate and praise our students' efforts and growth with family and friends!

This year our theme is Superheroes! Our message to our students is that they all have a superhero inside! Our goal is that our students see themselves as superheroes because they are strong, powerful, determined, and resilient! We would like them to believe in themselves, to build confidence with every accomplishment in our gym!

Let's help our superheroes build the confidence they need to succeed in this complicated and wonderful world of ours.



Each show opens with a dance warm-up. After that, your superhero will show off their skills or routines on gymnastics events. At the end of the show, to recognize their hard work, they will receive a medal!



Your showcase registration includes:

  • Two spectator tickets
  • Cool award medal
  • A special goody surprise!


Red Shirts

We ask that your child wear a red shirt and black shorts to the event. Here are the two options:

  • "Super Hero Gravity T-shirt"!
    Cost $17.50 - order online HERE
  • Plain red t-shirt



How to register? Very simple!

  • Register online through our parent portal by clicking the link below: "Register Here"
  • Visit front office and we'll help you save your spot in our show!



Additional spectator tickets are available for purchase online at - Gravity Pro-shop.

There are a limited number of tickets for sale! Act now and save your space! Children ages 3 and older will need a spectator ticket. Additional tickets will NOT be available the day of the event.

  • Cost: $8.50


At the beginning of the show we do a dance warm-up and stretch.

Just like in class, the goal of a warm-up is to get the blood flowing to the all the parts of your body that you are going to use. This prepares the body for the muscle stretching and exertion required to complete our gymnastic skills. Since gymnastics uses the whole body, we need to warm up the whole body!

We have recorded our Superhero warm-up dances if you'd like to practice at home.


Start of Show:

Aerobic Warm Up:

Grade School

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

How long are the shows?

Each show is scheduled to be one and a half hour in length. We'll open our doors 15 minutes before show begins. At the end of the show, you will have time to take pictures with our Superhero Backdrop and buy your Gravity Picture Frame!

Can I take photos?

Absolutely! Your are welcomed to take photos with no flash during the show. For safety reasons we kindly ask that you stay in the seating area during the show.

There will be time at the end of the show to take photos on the floor and lobby area with our Superhero Background. Get those cameras and catch your superhero in action!

What should my child wear?

Your superhero should come dressed in their red shirt and black shorts uniform. They can wear one from home or you can get one of Gravity's Superhero Showcase Shirts.
The cost is: $17.50 and you can purchase it during the registration process online or in our parent portal at: "Gravity Pro-Shop"

Please remove jewelry and tie up hair neatly away from the face.

How much gymnastics experience does my child need?

Unsure if your child is ready for the show because of being new to the class or lacking a certain gymnastics skill?

No need to worry! The idea behind the show is for our students to share with parents and family what they are learning during class. Our message to our students is that they all have a superhero inside, that they are strong, determined, resilient and more!

Ready to join the show?

We'd love to have your child join us in the Superhero Showcase!

Remember: this event is pre-registration only. Deadline: May 13th.

Join the Superhero Showcase